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Boutique wines from local grapes

Monolithos is a family-owned winery located on the southern slopes of Troodos Mountain range, at an altitude of 800m. Whilst exploiting modern technology we strive to create elegant wines that are very much old world. Our hope is that you will appreciate our wines that are the product of our own vineyards and which have been nurtured from grape to bottle in our winery.



Monolithos presented with seal of quality local producer

January 21, 2023

It was with great pride that we have been awarded as a quality producer, the seal of Taste Cyprus Delightful journeys. The certification confirms the quality of our wines, that have won multiple awards in national and international wine competitions as well as the authenticity of our wines as traditional Cyprus products. The award was presented to us in January 2023 by Deputy Minister of Tourism, Savvas Perdios in a ceremony attended by industry representatives. 

Taste Cyprus.jpeg

“Monolithos wins international award.”

The Cyprus Weekly, The Food Page, May 02,2003

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