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White Wines


Monolithos Premium Chardonnay

*Awarded the 2020 Selection at 1001 Degustations, France*


(Alc. 14.5%)

Bottled at Monolithos Winery into 2,000 x 750 ml Burgundy bottles.


Wine character:

The Chardonnay is a lively white wine that you will not forget. The wine is a blend of grapes from three vineyards close to the village of Pachna. It is aged in American and French oak for three months, employing the sur lie process and batonnage stirring. Within the first sip, you will experience tropical fruit flavours and subtle oak notes.
Colour: brilliant light straw yellow

Tasting note:
This Chardonnay arouses a mouth feel that is very soft and harmonious. On the palate, you'll find an abundance of:

Fruit Flavours: Tropical fruit (pineapple, guava and mango). 

Oak Flavours: Vanilla, Baked Tart, Butter, Caramelised Sugar.
Acidity: Medium Low (oaked warm climate)

Food pairing:
Enjoy this delightful white wine with a variety of dishes, such as light appetisers, seafood, or grilled vegetables. Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Pork Loin, Trout, Cod, Salmon, Lobster,  Cheese Pairings: Soft – Semi Soft Cow’s Milk Cheese and Goat Cheese.

Serving temperature:  10º-12ºC

Ayios Stephanos White

Ayios Stephanos (White) is a blend of the Cyprus indigenous white grape Xynisteri (50%) and Malvasia Grossa (50%). This bright, pure, crystal clear wine with attractive pale green hints has an elegant fresh aroma and is smooth, rich and crisp with an array of delightful fruity spring flowers, green apple and fresh pineapple. On the palate, its elegant freshness – soft yet still dry – is in harmony with its length, giving a nicely aromatic persistence on the finish. This wine can be recommended to those who like young, dry wines that are supple yet perfectly balanced.


It is recommended as an “hors d’oeuvre” or to accompany sea­food dishes such as oysters, shellfish or grilled fish as well as poultry and pasta. It can be offered at the start of a meal or simply as a fine aperitif in order to appreciate its refreshingly dry and attractive character.


Served at 7°-10°C


Monolithos Xynisteri


Monolithos Xynisteri, made 100% from Xynisteri (the prevailing indigenous white grape variety of the Cypriot vineyard), is a medium body, crisp, dry wine. It exhibits very pleasing lively aromas and flavours of flowers, green apple, banana and citrus and a long and pleasant aftertaste. Its charming lemon-green colour and intense nose make this versatile wine ideal for pairing with food because of its balance of sugar and acidity.


The crispiness on the palate and the wine’s delicate character provide a perfect companion for dishes such as grilled seafood, smoked salmon, chicken casseroles, lightly cooked white meats and salads.

Best served chilled at 7°-9°C

Monolithos Nafsika

Nafsika is a blend of two highly renowned grapes, the international Chardonnay and the local Xynisteri varieties. The result is a multi-dimensional wine which was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks and spent a short time in oak barrels. Bright, clear and golden in colour, this wine is rich with fresh aromas and flavours of citrus, pear and apple with a creamy, vanilla-caramel finish.


Easy drinking and delicious when served well refrigerated, it is ideal with poultry, cream-based pastas, salads and cheeses. It pairs equally well with smoked salmon, meaty fish, rice dishes and roasted vegetables.

Served at 8°-10°C

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2019 Gold Award Lyon Concours Xinisteri.
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2019 Monolithos 1001 Degustations bottle
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Red Wines


Monolithos Cabernet Sauvignon

***2021 Silver Medal Paris***


Our Cabernet Sauvignon is made from locally grown 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This complex medium bodied, densely coloured wine features a lean profile that opens up with a little breathing time. The colour is intense ruby with purple edges. The wine has a well-developed bouquet, both elegant and complex, with a good balance between blackberries, plum, cherries, sweetness and light oak. These flavours continue in the palate mingling with black fruits, vanilla and mineral.

With relatively low tanning, it is recommended to accompany rich red meats (beef, lamb and goose) especially when cooked with herbs. It also compliments spicy or grills foods of all types.

Served at 16°-18°C


Monolithos Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon


This fine, rich wine is an elegant blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon designed to be complex, full-bodied and firm through the palate. The grapes are sourced from local vineyards close to our winery at altitudes of 800 m above sea level. This is a wonderful blend that is uniquely local in style and exhibits long ageing potentials with tannins that are present but ripe and smooth. Having matured in barrels, this wine displays a bright purple hue with white pepper and plum aromas and hints of smokiness.


Downright delicious, this is a serious wine that is an easy-drinker. It can accompany rich meals such as spicy stews, roasts, chicken and lamb. It also goes very well with grilled meats and pasta dishes.

Served at 16°-18°C

*** 2019 Winner of Gold medal ***

*** Cyprus International Wine Competition ***

***2020 Winner of Gold Medal***

***Frankfurt international Trophy***

Rosé Wine

Monolithos Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz Rosé


Vintage:    2017
Blending:    70% Cabernet Sauvignon/30% Shiraz
Alc.:    14.5%


Bottled at Monolithos Winery at Pachna into 1,200 x   750 ml bottles.


Wine character:
Made from two well-known French varieties that have been successfully transplanted in the Cyprus Krasochoria (Wine Villages) area. The blend of these two varietal results in a rich, full-bodied wine. The pure fruit flavours of these red grapes make wonderfully mouth-watering rosés. A super berry fresh, pretty, local vineyard rosé from one of Cyprus’ traditional wine regions. 


Tasting note:
Fruity and rounded. Bone-dry Cyprus rosé packed with vibrant summer fruit and “more please” drinkability. Best served chilled on its own. 

Food pairing:
A full-bodied rosé – big, bold, high in alcohol and served chilled which makes it ideal for a barbecue and for drinking with seafood such as lobster, seared salmon, tuna or delicately cooked rare lamb. Can be useful with mildly spiced curries and rice dishes. Good too with white cheeses such as Camembert, Brie and goat’s cheeses. Perfect hot weather drinking.

Serving temperature: 10º-12ºC


2019 Gold Award Cyprus wine competition.
2020 Frankfurt.jpg
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